About Us

Our Mission Statement

Cloud Peak Energy aims to be a leading energy producer operating in a safe, responsible and caring manner.

  • We will operate in accordance with our values.
  • We will not lose sight of our goal of maximizing the long-term financial return to our shareholders.
  • We believe that by ensuring the safety and long-term health of our employees are not compromised and that by being a good neighbor in the communities in which we live and work, value will be maximized.
  • We will run the business in a sustainable way to ensure we maintain our “license to operate” (i.e. support of employees, communities, regulators, elected officials, customers, suppliers).

Our current strategy is to build on our strong US domestic position to develop our export sales and explore international production opportunities.

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Our Values

Cloud Peak Energy’s values are the underlying principles that guide the way we do business. We will hold each other accountable to not deviate from these values in all our business dealings.

Safety – The safety of everyone involved in our business will never be compromised.
Caring – We care about the impact of our actions on people and the environment both inside and outside the company.
Honesty – We are honest and transparent in all interactions with each other and those outside the company.
Courage – We will be courageous in all our dealings and will hold ourselves accountable for our actions and not avoid difficult issues.
Respect – We will show respect to all those involved in every interaction and work to engage all our employees in the business.