Sustainable Development Program

The World Commission on Environment and Development says Sustainable Development (SD) means “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Essentially, SD balances economics, social requirements and the environment.

SD in mining means responsible development of mining reserves. Examples include minimizing environmental impacts from operations, strongly supporting local communities and economies through incorporation of SD tenets in business plans, and establishing a strong base as a sustainable coal provider.

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The Cloud Peak Energy SD program strongly supports these principles. Specific examples include wellness and home safety programs, community participation and contribution programs that focus on community sustainability, energy use and greenhouse gas emission reduction targets, among others. The Cloud Peak Energy community approach includes active involvement in more than 50 community and organization partnerships based on results of community needs assessments, contribution programs that are focused on increasing the sustainability of neighboring communities, and helping communities in areas that go far beyond mining and reclamation.

Details of the Cloud Peak Energy biodiversity approaches, climate change, environmental programs, and health and safety programs are included in associated links on this page and help to demonstrate the breadth of the SD approach within the Cloud Peak Energy operations.